Trac nghiem so 48.

1. I (give you my word) it will never happen again.

a) say
b) speak
c) promise
d) agree
2. She had to (eat her words) when it turned out that she had chosen the wrong horse in the race.

a) admit she was hungry
b) admit she was thirsty
c) admit she was sorry
d) admit she was wrong
3. They (had words) last night so be prepared for miserable faces this morning.

a) fought
b) shouted
c) quattelled
d) screamed
4. You can always rely on that company because they (keep their word) whatever happens.

a) do what they like
b) do what they say
c) say what they do
d) do what they want
5. They spend very little on advertising and tend to get new work through (word of mounth).

a) recommendation
b) gossip
c) hearsay
d) sayings
6. You can see that he's deeply in love with her because he (hangs on her every word).

a) listens silently to everything she says
b) listens eagerly to everything she says
c) listens quickly to everything she says
d) listens quietly to everything she says
7. (From the word go) we could tell at the interview say was the ideal candidate for the job.

a) Quickly
b) Suddenly
c) Straightaway
d) Clearly
8. Remember as soon as you feel able to continue with walk, (say the word).

a) let me know
b) let me hear
c) let me go
d) let me tell
9. I can only repeat that I want you to wait until Tuesday before you tell her, remember (mum's the word).

a) don't tell mum
b) don't speak aloun
c) don't say anything
d) don't answer anything
10. I couldn't agree with you more, to be honest you've (taken the words out of my mouth).

a) said what I wanted to hear
b) said what I wanted to say
c) said what I wanted to know
d) said what I wanted to learn
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