20 câu trắc nghiệm CCQG 06

1. On his way home, John usually ... at the post office.

a) stops
b) stop
c) to stop
d) stopped
2. Uncle Tom can't see ... without his glasses.

a) badly
b) clear
c) good
d) well
3. Mary and ... would like to join the English - speaking club.

a) me
b) my
c) mine
d) I
4. Can I have the key ... the front door, please?

a) to
b) on
c) of
d) in
5. The Prime Minister ... to Paris several times.

a) worked
b) works
c) was working
d) has worked
6. Mr. Goldsmith .... in his office when the thieves threw a stone through the window.

a) worked
b) works
c) was working
d) has worked
7. Maria Roberts left her home in Leeds last week and nobody ... her since.

a) see
b) has seen
c) saw
d) have seen
8. I'm studying for my examinations. They will be held ... October.

a) on
b) from
c) at
d) in
9. The fire ... out when they were having dinner.

a) breaks
b) was breaking
c) broke
d) has broken
10. It was not a good football match. It was not ...

a) exciting
b) excited
c) bored
d) boring
11. This subject, .... we are going to discuss, is very important.

a) who
b) which
c) that
d) both B and C are correct
12. This is the most interesting story ....

a) I've read
b) I had read
c) I've ever read
d) I've never read
13. Would you mind ... the phone number? I didn't hear properly.

a) to repeat
b) repeat
c) repeating
d) for repeating
14. I need some ... before I can let you cash this cheque.

a) temperature
b) accommodation
c) questionnaire
d) identification
15. The ship was ... around the Mediterranean Sea.

a) running
b) going
c) sailing
d) flying
16. These vegetables don't taste ... to me.

a) well
b) deliciously
c) fresh
d) freshly
17. My brother is very ... of music.

a) like
b) fond
c) interested
d) enjoyed
18. She is... a kind girl that everybody loves her.

a) so
b) too
c) very
d) such
19. Would you please ... him speak about the new plan?

a) let
b) allow
c) ask
d) tell
20. If I got a scholarship to Australia, my family ... very proud of me.

a) will be
b) is
c) are
d) would be
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