Trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp cấp độ Intermediate

1. I went out without ________ money.

a) any
b) some
2. He's got _______ money.

a) lots of
b) many
c) much
d) a lot of
e) Đáp án 1, 3 và 4 đều đúng
3. - "Who's there?"

a) Me
b) It's me
c) It's I
d) Đáp án 2 và 3 đều đúng
e) I
4. Although he felt very _________, he smiled _________.

a) angry, in a friendly way
b) angry, friendly
c) angrily, friendly
5. I ___________ to America.

a) have been often
b) often have been
c) have often been
6. My mother _____________ my birthday.

a) is forgetting always
b) always forgets
c) always is forgetting
d) forget always
7. You look _______ a teacher.

a) as
b) like
c) the same like
8. How many brothers and sisters _______________?

a) have you got
b) do you have
c) are you having
d) Đáp án 1 và 2 đều đúng
9. Good! I _______ work tomorrow.

a) mustn't
b) don't have to
c) haven't got to
d) Đáp án 2 và 3 đều đúng
10. I __________ smoke.

a) không cần điền từ nào cả
b) used to
c) use to
d) was used to
e) Đáp án 1 và 2 đều đúng
11. Andrew _______ to see us this evening.

a) will come
b) comes
c) is coming.
d) Đáp án 1 và 3 đều đúng
12. Alice ________ have a baby.

a) will
b) shall
c) is going to
13. I knew that he ______ waiting for somebody.

a) is
b) was
c) would
14. ___________ Gloria last week?

a) Have you seen
b) Did you see
c) Were you seeing
15. She's an old friend - I ________ her _____ years.

a) 've known/for
b) know/for
c) 've known/since
d) know/since
16. We met when we __________ in France.

a) studied
b) were studying
c) had studied
17. As soon as she came in I knew I _______ her before.

a) have seen
b) saw
c) had seen
18. This picture __________ by a friend of my mother's.

a) is painting
b) is painted
c) was painting
d) was painted
19. Can you ___________?

a) make me some tea
b) make some tea for me
c) make for me some tea?
d) Đáp án 1 và 2 đều đúng.

20. Try _________ be late.

a) not to
b) to not
c) not
21. I went to London ___________ clothes.

a) for buy
b) for to buy
c) to buy
d) for buying
22. You can't live very long without _______.

a) to eat
b) eat
c) eating
d) you eat
23. I enjoy ________, but I wouldn't like _________ it all my life.

a) to teach, to do
b) teaching, doing
c) to teach, doing
d) teaching, to do
24. Her parents don't want _________ married.

a) her to get
b) her get
c) that she get
d) that she gets
25. I'm not sure what _______________

a) do they want.
b) do they want?
c) they want.

26. The policeman _________ me not to park there.

a) asked
b) said
c) told
d) advised
e) Đáp án 1, 3 và 4 đều đúng
27. I _______ you if you _______ that again.

a) hit, say
b) 'll hit, 'll say
c) hit, 'll say
d) 'll hit, say
28. It would be nice if we _____ a bit more room.

a) would have
b) had
c) have
29. If you ______ me, I _______ in real trouble last year.

a) didn't help, would have been
b) hadn't helped, would have been
c) hadn't helped, would be
d) didn't help, would be
30. There's a man _______ took your coat.

a) which
b) who
c) that
d) Không cần điền từ nào cả.
e) Đáp án 2 và 3 đều đúng
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