Bai trac nghiem so 19.

1. The audience (held their breath) as the magician started to saw a woman half.

a) watched anxiously
b) stopped breathing
c) couldn't breathe
d) couldn't watch
2. The police officer called out to the driver to (hold on) until he arrived.

a) continue
b) listen
c) wait
d) attend
3. In the end she lost her temper and told her daughter to (hold her tongue).

a) stand still
b) speak up
c) start speaking
d) be quiet
4. There's no need to change any of the regulations this year as the old ones will still (hold good) this year, too.

a) be finished
b) be all right
c) be necessary
d) be careful
5. I don't know what it is exactly but she seems to have some kind of (hold over) him.

a) control over
b) look over
c) trust over
d) belief over
6. He (holds it against) her that she never let him move house and start a new job.

a) trusts
b) persuades
c) knows
d) blames
7. I think your best plan is to (hold off ) making a decision until you know if you have passed the examination.

a) delay
b) consider
c) stay
d) think
8. It was a very difficult race but the jockey (help his own) right until the end.

a) overtook the others
b) did as well as the others
c) did better than the others
d) tried to beat the others
9. Once he starts to talk about his favourite subject, he will (hold forth) until he is stopped.

a) speak ludly
b) speak quickly
c) speak endlessly
d) speak slowly
10. The trouble is that whenever he 's with strangers he always (holds in) his feelings.

a) shows
b) restricts
c) tells
d) allows
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